A self-appointed avatar of the Norse thundergod

Name: Thor Concept: Path: Obrimos
Player: Virtue: Faith Order: Adamantine Arrow
Chronicle: Copenhagen Unveiled Vice: Wrath Cabal: Children of Ymir


Power Intelligence: 2 Strength: 4 Presence: 4
Finesse Wits: 2 Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: 1
Resistance Resolve: 4 Stamina: 2 Composure: 1


Mental Physical Social
Academics: 0 X Athletics: 2 Animal Ken: 2
Computer: 0 Brawl: 3 Empathy: 0
Crafts: 2 Drive: 2 Expression: 0
Investigation: 0 Firearms: 0 X Intimidation: 3
X Medicine: 0 Larceny: 0 Persuasion: 0
Occult: 2 Stealth: 0 Socialize: 0
Politics: 0 Survival: 1 Streetwise: 2
Science: 0 Weaponry: 3 Subterfuge: 0


Crafts: Weaponry: Intimidate: Animal Ken:
Carpentry Hammers War crys Goat-herding

Other Traits

Arcana Merits
Death: 0 High speech: 1
Fate: 0 Status: 1
Forces: 3 Artifact: 5
Life: 2
Matter: 1
Mind: 0
Prime: 0
Spirit: 0
Space: 0
Time: 0
Health: 7
Willpower: 5
Gnosis: 1
Wisdom: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 2
Iniative Mod: 3
Experience: 1 (117)
Arcane Experience: 0 (9)


Arcana Level Name Dice Pool Book/Page
Forces 3 Sound Mastery Presence + Intimidation + Forces MtA 170
Forces 2 Influence Electricity Dexterity + Athletics + Forces MtA 183
Matter 1 Alter Conductiviy Intelligence + Crafts + Matter MtA 194

Spent XP

Item: Dots: Cost:
Gnosis 2 16 (9A)
Gnosis 3 24
Forces 4 24
Forces 5 30
Life 3 18
Weaponry 4 12


Literally the legacy of Thor, this is allegedly handed down through the generations from one Avatar to the next. It grants the Avatar the powers of the Storms. It is said that at the apex of ability, the Avatar literally controls all storms on the planet, though knowing that only two Avatars exist at any one time, it would be fairly easy for any current Avatar to know this is most likely not the case.

Whipping Winds

Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Forces 2
As the Avatar walks down the path of Storms, the winds protect him. At any time, the Avatar is protected by a magical shield working like the Forces spell “Unseen Shield”, giving him armour equal to his current dots in Forces.

The downside to this is that there is at all times a faint sensation of howling winds about the Avatar. While it is not noticeable enough to make conversation impossible, it does make it less comfortable to interact with the Avatar. All social interaction aside from Intimidation suffers a -1 penalty.

The Avatar is capable of suppressing the shield, at the cost of 1 mana, however it cannot return until midnight.

Optional Arcanum: Life 2
The Avatar draws on his Aesir constitution to mend his wounds. This works like the Life spell Self Healing, using Stamina + Survival + Life.


Lesser Mjollnir

A lesser version of the legendary hammer, Mjollnir is a short-shafted warhammer, engraved with a multitude of Norse runes. It is said to have been created by a past Avatar, after having lost the true Mjollnir.

In untrained hands, it functions perfectly well as a hammer, working as a 3B weapon. In Awakened hands, it can be used as a thrown weapon, reacting to the user such that expertise with a hammer will translate into the throw. In game terms, this means that thrown attacks with the hammer still use Strength + Weaponry.

Additionally, after striking its target, the weapon swiftly returns to the user, under normal circumstances being ready to attack at the start of his next combat round. The weapon, unlike the true Mjollnir, can be intercepted, by a Strength + Athletics roll surpassing the original attack roll. Should this roll fall short of the original attack roll, the intercepter takes that amount of damage. This will bypass any form of supernatural or mundane armor using redirection or guile to reduce damage.

As a final note, the artifact is so attuned to the Avatars and their control of storms that any magic affecting electricity performed with the artifact as a focus enjoys a +1 bonus.



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