Dr. Happy

Research doctor, who wants to live forever

Name: Dr. Happy Concept: Dying research doctor Path: Moros
Player: Virtue: Fortitude Order: Free Council
Chronicle: Copenhagen Unveiled Vice: Greed Cabal: Dark Horizons


Power Intelligence: 4 Strength: 1 Presence: 3
Finesse Wits: 2 Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 2
Resistance Resolve: 3 Stamina: 2 Composure: 3


Mental Physical Social
Academics: 2 Athletics: 0 Animal Ken: 0
Computer: 1 Brawl: 0 Empathy: 1
1 Crafts: 1 Drive: 1 Expression: 1
Investigation: 0 Firearms: 0 Intimidation: 1
Medicine: 3 Larceny: 0 1 Persuasion: 2
Occult: 1 Stealth: 3 Socialize: 2
Politics: 0 Survival: 1 Streetwise: 1
1 Science: 3 Weaponry: 0 Subterfuge: 0


Medicine: Science: Science: Crafts: Academics:
Surgery Biology Bio-engineering Sculpting Nature Sciences

Other Traits

Arcana Merits
Death: 4 Familiar: 4
Fate: 0 Sanctum Size: 1
Forces: 0 Hallow: 2
Life: 2 Resources: 1
Matter: 1
Mind: 0
Prime: 0
Spirit: 0
Space: 0
Time: 0
Health: 7 Coward
Willpower: 5 Deformity
Gnosis: 4
Wisdom: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 2
Iniative Mod: 6
Experience: 11
Arcane Experience: 0


Arcana Level Name Dice Pool Book/Page
Death 3 Quicken Corpse 8 M:A 143
Life 2 Self-healing 8 M:A 183
Life 1 Healer’s Trance 9 M:A 181

Spent XP

Item Dots Cost
Wisdom 5 -10
Resources 1 2
Gnosis 2 16(8A)
Death 4 24
Gnosis 3 24
Gnosis 4 32(1A)


Studied biology and medicine as young. Worked as a doctor in a hospital for many years before awakening.

Awakening happened when he was assaulted and hit in the head with a lead pipe, leading to his current deformity. By awakening he realized how little time everyone actually had in the world, especially himself, and wondered how much better everything wouldn’t be if nobody had to rush through life to get enough time.

He wanted to find a solution to this, and decided to disappear. He hid away all of his important assets and faked his own death by using his newfound powers to “die” and then paid off someone to open his coffin before it got burned. After successfully removing the restrictions of his previous life, he started his new life of researching a solution to aging. Although he has been working on this for years [red: months], he still keep feeling that the answer is just around the corner, and all progress is just bringing it closer, resulting in him being rather content and even happy most of the time.


A bald spot is visible on the left temple, where his skull “caves” in. Nearly always wear a white labcoat over more common everyday clothes. He is furthermore usually carrying a white clipboard with his bone pen in. Most of the time he is wearing an excited and happy, if somewhat distracted, expression.


A lessened variant of the Hippocratic oath, he has vowed to do no harm to other humans.

Dr. Happy

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