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  • The Consilium of Copenhagen, referred to henceforth as the Consilium, is all the mages who have sworn to follow the laws herein.
  • The Consilium acknowledge that some mages are wiser than others. The wisest mages will be elevated among his peers to hold titles and responsibilities within the Consilium.
    • A Hierarch, chosen by his predecessor or by the Duel Arcane, to lead us into tomorrow
    • The Pathmasters, chosen by his predecessor, who will lend the Hierarch their wisdom
      • There should always be at least 3 Pathmasters and no more than one for each Supernal Realm, so as not to skew their guidance in favor of any Realm
    • A Provost to each Pathmaster, chosen by the Pathmaster himself, to alleviate their heavy duty
    • Heralds, chosen by the Hierarch, to carry the law of the Consilium to the far reaches of the realm
    • A Sentinel, chosen by the Hierarch, to enforce the rulings of the Hierarch
    • At any time when one or more of these positions are not filled and cannot be filled by normal means, the Hierarch shall choose a replacement
      • In rare cases where this is not an option either, the Consillium shall vote on who shall fill the vacancy
      • Any member of the Consilium who voices his desire to take the responsibility within one moon of the responsibility becoming vacant shall be considered a candidate for the seat
      • After one moon has passed, the mages of the Consilium will meet and each cast their vote on a candidate. The responsibility shall be decided by way of simple majority
  • The Consilium recognises the Diamond Orders:
    • The Silver Ladder
    • The Guardians of the Veil
    • The Mysterium
    • The Adamantine Arrow
    • The Free Council
  • A member who is not aligned with any recognised Diamond Order shall be known as an Apostate
  • Any position within the Consilium noted as being chosen by the Consilium
  • The Consilium acknowledges that there is wisdom in forming groups of like-minded individuals. In extension of this fact, members of the Consilium can form Cabals, recognised by the Consilium
    • Each Cabal is expected to hold a Sanctum, a home for the Cabal
    • Each Cabal will be expected to maintain 5 duties, to be assigned to members of the Cabal internally
      • The Farseeker, who shall ensure the Cabal shall never go wanting
      • The Doorwarden, who shall lay down his life in protection of the Cabal and its domain
      • The Hearthmaster, who shall maintain the Sanctum of the Cabal
      • The Lorekeeper, who shall collect and maintain the knowledge and history of the Cabal
      • The Edgetender, who shall maintain the mystical resources of the Cabal
    • Each member shall hold no more than one duty, barring such cases where the Cabal cannot fulfill all duties without taking on more than one responsibility
    • Any duty-holding member can deputise any member holding no duties, to share the workload
    • A Cabal shall be known by its name and Insignia, to be chosen by the members themselves
    • A Cabal shall define itself by its Protocols, divided into the Creed, Duties and Given Rights
      • The Creed shall declare the goal of the Cabal
      • The Duties shall declare the duties expected of the members of the Cabal
      • Each Cabal is furthermore expected to declare their following of at least 2 of the 5 Great Rights of the Consilium
        • The Right of Crossing, allowing all members of the Consilium passage across their domain
          • The Heralds of the Consilium will always hold this right, no matter the declarations of the Cabal
        • The Right of Emeritus, pledging to respect those who deserve it
        • The Right of Hospitality, pledging to shelter any other Consilium member who asks
        • The Right of Nemesis, pledging to not step into a battle between rivalling members of the Consilium unless such a time as the battle becomes a direct and present threat
        • The Right of Sanctuary, pledging to keep the domain of the Cabal safe and calm at all times
      • Each member shall form a binding oath on the Protocols of the Cabal before being formally acknowledged as a member
    • Any member of the Consilium who is not a member of any Cabal shall be known as a Solitary
  • The domain ruled over by this Consilium shall follow the national borders of the Kingdom of Denmark
    • Domains can be given to Consilium members or Cabals at the grace of the Hierarch
  • Any mage not recognised by the Consilium can become such by the grace of the Hierarch


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