Copenhagen Unveiled

Looking back

The adventure log has been pretty quiet, though quite a lot has happened since the last post.

The players defeated Rattinger as well as the spirit, and has achieved some standing in the community.

Yannow joined the Mysterium, and Providence tried and failed to join the Guardians (in his mind, they don’t deserve him anyway)

They also started working on legacies, Yannow working on learning the Orphans of Proteus legacy, Providence becoming a Daoine and Dr. Happy starting his own, based on Life and Death. Essentially, the end goal of that is to become immortal, or at least extend the natural life span. Arcturus has not yet decided what he wants to become, and Kat, being the child of the group, has no such plans.

They were set on the trail of a supernatural mass murderer, who killed and mutilated young women, leaving them in a globally spanning pattern. He was handed over to the Guardians, with the agreement that they would be allowed to question him further, should the need arise.

Their latest adventure was a trip to Peru, where they found a temple that was the mystical opposite to the Incan sun temples such as Macchu Picchu. Here, they found symbols similar to those the aforementioned mass murderer carved into the bodies of the women. They escaped unscathed, but two of the mortal researchers were taken over by the local entities.

In chasing these, they ended up causing the crash of a city hopper scale passenger jet, and were arrested by the Peruvian authorities. All except Dr. Happy, who faked his own death, waking up in the morgue.

While he worked on getting them out from the outside, the other four handily side stepped the entire storyline built up inside the prison (never trust walls to keep a mage) and escaped.

Returning to the dig site and seeking out an indigenous tribe of mages modelling their magic on the Incan gods, who had helped them understand the dig site, the elder of the tribe helped them understand the seriousness of what they had witnessed in the temple. After promising to save the world, the elder opened a portal to their home, and the players were back in Copenhagen.

After interrogating the mass murderer (who turned out to be on the side of good, if misguided) they were set on the trail of mass deaths as a focal point of whatever terrible thing is about to happen.

Investigating the city, they were led on the trail of a massive Hallow being created by the Seventh Spire (or rather, their leader Spark) with Death as the primary resonance, drawing from a number of sources, carefully binding the leylines around a single focal point, the as-yet unopened museum.

The last action the players have taken is to trace one of these ley lines to an old mental hospital, and transforming some of the microbial life into fully grown oaks, instantly demolishing the old landmark. Dispelling the spell left no evidence of foul play, making it seem as if it had simply collapsed (explosively) on its own.

Session 5

The plan going forward:

The players have essentially decided on killing Rattinger. They have two plans at the moment, one consisting of a dramatic confrontation, and if that fails, they’ll come back later in twilight, make a ghost gate behind him and shoot him in the back of the head.

This may seem like a fairly silly plan, as the gate would take at least 3 hours. It stems from a rules debate concerning whether inanimate objects can be teleported in and out of Twilight. I am still debating letting them try an instant version of the ghost gate that only allows inanimate objects to pass through, or limiting them to a ritual cast ghost gate.

The second twist to this tale is that the Guardians are on Rattinger’s tail as well, and that may throw a wrench in the works. How exactly this will happen, I am still figuring out. It may serve to cement the players’ view on the local guardians as complete tools. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Moving on from the Banisher situation, there’s still the spirit to contend with, as well as the Seers, who they haven’t even run into yet.

Session 4, aftermath

The session went well, the players spent most of it arguing amongst themselves.

They decided to ignore the hook about the gun smugglers, which is fair enough, as I had no clue what would happen there.

They decided to go through Twilight to scope out the Youth House. While Dr. Happy fixed the gate, Providence and Yannow started researching Rattinger.

They then went through Twilight to scope out the Youth House. When they returned, and tried for 14 hours to make a ghost gate back, they remembered they were supposed to call their mentors. They were told they needed to fix their cabal, so they could become recognized members of the Consilium. So they argued for a bit about the cabal, ending up with Yannow as Doorwarden and Edgetender, Dr. Happy as Lorekeeper, Providence as Farseeker and Kat guest starring as Hearthmaster. The following day, they got recognized, as planned, and was given Kat as an apprentice.

The next day, they split up. Dr. Happy went through Twilight to grab money from an ATM, while Providence and Yannow researched further. Providence went off to scan the names of the apartment building they followed Rattinger to, while Yannow went to get disguises. After that, they went to meet Maria Jensen, the ex of Rattinger. They were told what they expected, so they’re moving on to step number 2.

Session 4

Having been mostly unable to work on the campaign, I’m in a tough spot for tuesday, but I’ll compile the ideas I do have.

Status quo

Players are in the Sanctum, somewhat wellrested after being in full on paranoia mode, thinking they’ll get attacked any second. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit with the Banishers entering their Sanctum, I’m not sure they managed to feel “safe” there.

Their plan is to contact their assorted mentors primarily to get some tips on defending their Sanctum from the Banishers. This’ll be met by “Oh, btw, Guardians wanted access, we reassured them you were on the verge of becoming recognized mages. So you’re becoming that today, move!”

This should end up in what was supposed to happen during session 2, and will protect the players from the Guardians. Since they refused to hand over Kat, they’ll also get an apprentice in the deal.

Weapons Smuggling, or “How I fixed me giving them access to illegal assault rifles.”

I’ll weave in a news report somewhere about the police raiding and arresting a weapons smuggling ring during the early hours of the morning. It should be delivered, so there’s a sliver of doubt whether they’re at risk of arrests, something like “Police refused commenting on whether they will be pursuing business associates of the ring.”

Further attempts at procuring weapons will go by the Armory rules, and the higher difficulty and price will be explained by a sudden void in the market, that isn’t being filled.

The Banishers

Assuming the players go after the Banishers, I won’t pussyfoot about it. If they go straight for the leader, on his turf, they’ll be in for a tough fight, one they’re not guaranteed to come out of alive.

I’m not sure how they can catch him off guard, but getting his phone number would be a step in the direction of finding him at home or something. I’ll let the players come up with a plan there.

The Guardians

These aren’t straight up antagonists, of course. Hvisken knows his limits, and won’t demand anything from the players on their turf. He won’t touch Kat either, if they manage to get her as an apprentice. If they refuse that responsibility, she’ll be captured at some point.

This is all based on them actually becoming recognized, though. If they don’t get this done, they’re in hot water suddenly.

Session 3, aftermath

Despite initial fears that I did not have enough material, the session lasted long enough that players needed to leave not long after I ran out.

The session started with the players meeting Havfrue, and establishing a game plan. Havfrue disliking the Guardians gave the players an excuse not to dump it on them. They got the number of Rattinger from the phone of Kat (and Kat’s number since they had her phone), and left to start investigating.

The players sort of exploded at this point. Dr. Happy decided to stay for a cup of tea at the house of the elderly lady taking care of Kat. This gave me an avenue for letting him know more about the crazy schemes the Banisher cult was running.

Providence wanted to get strapped, so he started doing Streetwise rolls. I missed the bit in Armory about these rolls, so he got off pretty darn easy. He ended up getting a gun, though, and later on, got Yannow an SMG as well (both low powered ones). This will be fixed by the players seeing news about a raid on a smuggling ring on the news, this might lead into a hook for them trying to check if there was any surveillance or other proof of them being there.

Yannow spent some time researching Rattinger’s phone number, and learned that it was registered to a Maria Jensen. This is Rattinger’s ex.

Once they ended up back at the Sanctum, now with one gun among them, they were visited by Kat, who had been told she was in danger at Christiania. This led Providence to take place outside with gun in pocket. As the bad guys arrived, he confronted them with an epic speech, which was ended fairly abruptly by them drawing weapons and shooting/stabbing him. By the time the other players entered the fray, he had taken 5 lethal, and was crying on the floor. Some shadow magic and other hooplah, not to forget Kat helping out by doing a whopping 6 lethal in one stab to the Acanthus, ended the fight with some injuries to the players, I hope enough to give them a sense of mortality.

They called the Guardians to clean up their mess, because it does seem to be the thing to do in Copenhagen, and they come and pick up the two Banishers. They also ask about the third black-clad person, Kat, and Providence volunteers the information that she is also a Banisher. They want to take her, he says no, big angry blowout, but it ends without any attacks. It does put the Cabal, and Providence especially, on the radar.

After a brief trip to get an SMG, the players get to bed, and the session ends.

Session 3

Scene 1, seeing Havfrue

This will be the introduction, leading in from the players taking the Banisher, called Kat, to Havfrue.

Assuming the players actually get her there safely, Havfrue will scrutinize her, and then ask how they found her.

Once she gets the full story, and asks a bit about what she believes, she’ll realise what’s going on, and go into full disclosure mode, telling the players and Kat about Banishers, weaving in some stings about the Guardians.

Once she learns a bit more about what’s actually going on, she’ll offer a place to stay for Kat.


Unfortunately, the leadout from the first scene is very much in the hands of the players. If they’re being passive, a few story hooks are still open.

Yannow needs to have a Mysterium initiation, this will only be for Status 1, and Mysterium Initiation 0. David will at this point have become the primary contact for him. He will ask him to come in, and ask him to start casting a vulgar Weaving practice on a cat. As he is doing so, he will be counterspelled several times. This will continue until a Paradox occurs.

Once this has happened, he will be explained that while this may be common knowledge to him, he should know how it feels to be touched by the abyss, as well as fight against counterspells. He will then be explained the basic concepts of the Mysterium, e.g. the Protocols and Guanxi, as well as Mysterium Initiation 0, with the signs, etc, that comes with this, as well as the pact of secrecy.

If Providence keeps stalking the Guardians, he will most likely be met by Stik, who proves that they are in fact very much on to him. He’ll then make it clear that he failed a test, but that if he is so intent on joining them, he will have to find a way to prove that his loyalty lies first with defending the Mysteries.

Scene 2, the Youth House fights back

This will start by Kat coming to the players, upset about something. As it turns out, Havfrue divined that staying in Christiania would be very hazardous for her, so she was sent to the players. What she didn’t know was that the Banishers that compose the danger is using Fate magic to guide them.

What they’ll be faced with next is some of the cult’s more professional members, who will be brandishing revolvers and unwavering hatred. Specifically, an Acanthus and a Moros.

These two will use the following tactics. The spells noted will be active from the start of the fight. The Acanthus will go for Yannow as soon as possible, using an all out attack against him until 8-again runs out. The Moros will go for the first person aside from Yannow to perform something hostile, delaying his action if noone else acts. If everyone else waits, he will shoot at Yannow.

Moros Gunman
.22 LR (1L), 6 – Armor
Alter Accuracy, 4 dice, 9-again on pistol, 1 roll per success
Armor Piercing, 4 dice, Armor Piercing (1) on pistol, 1 roll per success
Thick Clothing (1/0 Armor)

Acanthus Knifer
Knife (1L), 7 – (Defense + Armor)
Superlative Luck, 4 dice, 8-again on knife, 1 roll per success
Evil Eye, 4 dice – Resolve, -3 on opponent, 1 roll per success (conditional, “on attacked”)
Thick Clothing (1/0 Armor)

Once these have been handled, the players should be aware that it’s no longer something that can be ignored. They need to act to stop this cult.

This is a vector for Providence to sell out Kat to the Guardians, pass the Grey Veil, and still be able to defend his actions to the other players.


Dr. Happy, who tends to visit Christiania every now and then, will notice a young man talking to some of the elderly women, specifically Mrs. Jensen. While this may look like a mugging from afar, looking closer reveals that they are talking peacefully, if with a somewhat desperate edge. Towards the end of the talk, something is passed from the young man to Mrs. Jensen. A knife, to be specific, although it will be wrapped, so not visible.

This is essentially the spirit gearing up his recruits. Next time a raid breaks out, blood will flow.

Session 2, aftermath

Session 2 completed, with a far slower pace than the first.

The characters, almost asleep from exhaustion, was put through the paces right after they came home. The debriefing went fairly well, they were entirely forthcoming, the Guardians, not so much.

The Månebarn scene went differently than expected in that I hardly managed to get his first salvo out before Providence shouted him down. It was well played, and I admit, I stumbled for a bit there trying to find Månebarn’s reaction.

It ends up being Anubis who gets the call, but wanting to improve the players’ opinion of Havfrue (who they at this point had deemed useless blonde bimbo, a far cry from the reality of the fate adept), I let her take the lead.

After going all “disappointed-sister” on him, slaps and all, the players have a newfound respect for her, though every player found other alternatives with regards to mentoring.


Dr. Happy went back to his sort-of-already-a-mentor, Anubis. Judging that this was essentially just picking up where they left off, this didn’t take too much. Yannow went off and joined the Mysterium, unfortunately I hadn’t considered this, as he was in an order as it was. This means that rites and introductions has been saved for session 3.

Providence, wanting to protect the world, went back to Amager to become a guardian. I played the grey veil scene out after a week of downtime and talking. Unfortunately, as I am making a roll to let him see the artifact, he casts a mage armor. I judge the test failed and he suddenly loses contact with his mentor.

He hasn’t given up on them, though, and I have an idea for giving him a tough choice in session 3.

Meeting the Youth House Banisher

As both Yannow and Dr. Happy decided to spend the downtime holed up, I ended up having to sic the Banisher girl on Providence. He got very confused, and she ended up running away. Unfortunately, the not-so-subtle hints about the Youth house did nothing, and the players spent the next day barking up Providence’s Guardian tree. Specifically they ended up at the location of one of the Labyrinth societies, Polyteknika, a bar at DTU, unfortunately this did not register at all, and they gave up.

Returning home, they find their Sanctum violated, and a note from the Banisher lying in the living room. They proceed to have Yannow manifest a blood hound nose, and find her trail. This works only halfway, but I throw them a bone, and they find out that she must’ve jumped on a bus heading for the Youth House.

Out there, the players find that there is some very bad vibes in the air, as youths are phoning ahead of the players. When they do arrive, most of the bad guys have taken off. They get into a bit of a scuffle with the “guards” at the door (sleepers, all) but end up convincing them that Providence can get inside. He looks around, while the other two notice the Banisher girl trying to sneak away.

This leads to a foot race between the two groups, with Providence lagging slightly behind. The result becomes that Yannow charges her, avoids a knife swing, and grabs her in a choke hold, forcing her to drop the knife. Once she calms down, the players, against Providence’s wishes, take her to see Havfrue.

Meanwhile, the guards have been suspiciously unhelpful to their friend. This is mostly due to them being told not to interfere in the leader’s prodigies’ fights. He doesn’t want to see sleepers killed.

Session 2

Session 2 starts out with the players only just getting back to the physical realm near their sanctum. This makes the early session somewhat hard to control, however it is not outside the realm of reason that they contact their only magical contact, Månebarn.

This will lead to the Guardians showing up and taking the target into custody. Additionally, the players are expected to show up for a debriefing. The players are led out to an SUV, which will drive them to the head quarters of the Amager Watchmen.

Scene 2, debriefing

The players are guided in through a lobby area to a meeting room, where Hvisken is seated at the end of the table. He’s busy looking in a bunch of different files, this time in a suit and glasses, looking very 50’s spy.

He will wait for the players to start, but will interrupt them as soon as they start speaking. They will be blamed for leaving so many sleepers exposed to magic. He will pause, and if the players don’t talk, he will remove his glasses, and say how they weren’t aware what they were sending the players into. Finally, he will ask them to recount what happened.

If they mention the powder, he will interrupt them to ask if they have it. Contested Manipulation + Subterfuge/Wits + Empathy rolls, if they lie.

Finally, he’ll ask if they might have forgotten to mention anything. If the players haven’t mentioned the powder, and is still keeping it a secret, a set of Manipulation + Subterfuge/Wits + Empathy rolls can occur here.

If he succeeds, he will calmly look at Providence, who is still holding the powder, if he’s absolutely sure there’s not something he’s forgotten. If he still denies it, Hvisken will apparently let it go, but will put a tail on Providence.

He will end the meeting by letting the players know that they are still encouraged to seek out the different orders.

Scene 3, back to Christiania

The players are driven back into the center of town again. On the way, they all receive texts from Månebarn, telling them to meet him at Christiania.

When they reach the meeting hall, they find him teetering on the brink of a full on berserk. What they don’t know is that he is no longer considered “fit” to hold the Thyrsus seat on the council. Him only being a Provost, they won’t take the seat away from Olympus, but they have decided that it would be wiser to find someone to fill one of the remaining seats, Acanthus or Obrimos.

He, of course, blames this solely on the players. He clearly recollects telling them about the orders, going so far as to note that two of them are in fact libertines (albeit not entirely official ones). He also clearly remembers telling them about Lex, and how it is different from place to place, and so on.

The players can try to disagree with this, but he won’t hear of it. The long and short of it is that he tells them to find other mentors, and that he’s rescinding their Right of Passage in the domain of the Fellowship of the Dream. (The players can do an Intelligence + Composure roll at -3 here to recall that that isn’t actually how his cabal works)

The players should probably start considering what to do. They need someone to teach them more about the orders and so on, before they can become recognized mages of Copenhagen.

What they know so far is that there’s mages in the concillium building. There’s mages in Amager. Providence has Havfrue’s number, and Dr. Happy can try and take the long way out and stop in at the Seventh Spire.

Of these, only Havfrue and the Seventh Spire will be useful.

Scene 4a, Seventh Spire

Only Anubis will be present, asking for Morgue will be met with an evasive reference to “Concillium business”. (In actuality, he’s preparing a concillium meeting to allow the members to vote for a new chair. This should happen around the time when the players have found a new mentor (or mentors))

If explained the antics of Månebarn, he will find it fairly amusing, and let the players know that their cabal is neither led by Månebarn, nor does he hold the role as the Doorwarden.

He will make a vague reference to being sympathetic to Månebarn’s breakdown, and tell the players that while they’re probably safe enough in wandering around Christiania, they shouldn’t expect him to uphold his duty as their mentor, and that they’re better off finding someone better.

If the players ask him, he will ask them to clarify why he should be doing that. If they can come up with a decent reason, he will concede. If they mention that they have a Hallow, he will request 1 Tass per week, until such a time as they are knowledgeable about the orders and Laws of Copenhagen.

Scene 4b, Havfrue

Havfrue will be blissfully unaware of her cabalmate’s craziness. If the players outright tell her, she will ask them to come over again.

After they meet up, she will locate Månebarn, march the players up to him. She will proceed to stomp up to him, yelling about him going over his boundaries, and end it by giving him a ringing slap.

He will start talking back, trying to argue that they did damage to his reputation. She will respond that he did that damage himself by not being able to teach them properly. He will get even more angry, and raise his hand, but she grabs his arm, and tells him to consider carefully the repercussions of causing damage to another mage, specifically a cabalmate.

Yanking his arm out of her grip, he turns and walks a few steps away, before turning back, stating angrily that he will still not teach the players.

Havfrue then explains the players how he doesn’t have the right to kick them out, and that they can move freely through Christiania, as the Fellowship follow the Right of Passage. She tells them that they can probably forget getting Månebarn to teach them anything, but she can teach them what she knows, as the duty was given to the Cabal, not to him specifically.


Unless the players have specific wishes, a “time passes” segment happens here, wherein they’re told that their chosen mentor teaches them about the 5 orders. If Providence wishes to join an order, this would be when it happens. Most likely this will be either the Free Council, which will be fairly painless, or the Guardians of the Veil, which will be somewhat more challenging. This will happen over some time, with scenes for each Veil.

Following that, they’re told of the Charter, the Council and Lex, and how Cabals work. They’re encouraged to form a Cabal, and helped in forming the Protocols.

Scene 5, Providence becoming a Guardian

This will pass by without much fanfare. If he asks to join the Guardians, he is told that they will indeed accept him into their ranks. They will only teach him the barest minimum, how you can’t use any magic in front of sleepers or suspected sleepers, and the necessity to kill for the greater good. After a few weeks of “membership”, he will be asked to ride along on an assignment. He will be given an armored vest and a suit to match those of the sleepwalkers he’s going with, and they drive off. The two sleepwalkers and Providence enter an apartment to retrieve an item which has fallen into a Sleeper’s hands, and the situation rapidly turns violent. The fight happens to move in such a way that Providence can retrieve the item. The sleepwalkers manage to get Providence out, and when he returns, he unknowingly advances to the Crimson Veil.

If, however, he uses any magic, he flunks out without explanation.

The Crimson Veil will take about twice as long, and will include stuff about the Guardians, the Masques, the concept of Vulgarity, and that it is in fact okay to use covert magic to save yourself.

The test of the Crimson Veil will come in a later session.

Scene 6, becoming recognized

Their mentor brings them to the Council. At this point, Morgue, Hvisken, Statsmand and the new Councillor will greet them.

They are asked who they are, to which they have been told to respond with their shadow name, their order affiliation (or Unaligned), their highest magical prowess. While they know they would usually add their Cabal name to an outspoken title like this, their Cabal has not yet been recognized either. If they have not formed one, they should add “and Solitary” to the end of the title. An addendum will be added, asking if they hold any domain, to which they should reply “No, Hierarch.”

They are then asked if they know who they’re standing in front of. To this, the answer should be “The Hierarch and Pathmasters of the Consilium of Copenhagen.”

The Hierarch will then ask if they wish to form a Cabal, to which the players should of course say yes. He will ask for the Protocols, which should be given to him. He will look through these, note the Rights given, and accept this.

He will ask if they have a Sanctum, and where this is.

Finally, he will stand up, and declare as follows:

“Let it be known that these mages, Dr. Happy, Providence and Yannow, are now, by the good graces of myself, Hierarch of the Consilium of Copenhagen, recognized mages of Copenhagen. Furthermore, let it be known that they are members of the Cabal of [name], recognized by myself, Hierarch of Copenhagen, and that they hold a domain consisting of [address].”

He sits down again, and asks the mentor if he wishes anything else of the Consilium, to which will be said no, and the mentor will lead the players out.

Scene 7, a stalker

After all this politicking, the next big antagonist will start to show itself. The players will have rolls made for them to notice their stalker. If this doesn’t succeed, one of the players will be faced with an unfortunate situation. Namely, he’s got no way to escape, and a kid dressed in black is pointing a gun at him.

However, wits + empathy will note that she’s not at all happy about the situation she’s in.

She will yell something about how the player is a pawn of the government, and that she didn’t expect the people to fight back.

The player can try and talk her down. Best case is that she drops her knife, but any attempts at approaching her leads to her zapping the lights and running off.

If the player starts raising magic, the assailant shouts that she felt that, and tries to dispel it.

If he becomes openly hostile, the assailant runs in, knife first, in an all out attack. If she takes damage, she will scream and run off, blending into the crowd a bit from there.

If she manages to win the fight, she’ll panic and shout for help, and someone will come into the alley and help out, calling an ambulance and the police. She will end up being held for questioning.

The clothes will have some hallmarks of a certain group of people, namely the youths of the Youth House.

Obrimos Youth Resistance League Banisher

Intelligence 2 Strength 2 Presence 2
Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3
Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2

Weaponry 2 (knives)
Stealth 2 (shadowing)
Subterfuge 2 (fast talking)

Knife, 1L, dicepool 6

Shadowing, dicepool 6 vs Wits + Composure
Fast talking, dicepool 6 vs Composure + Empathy
Bluff, dicepool 5 vs Intelligence + Empathy

Defense: 3
Armor: 1/0

Affect Light, dicepool 3
Counterspell Prime, dicepool 3
Supernal Vision

Session 1, aftermath

The first session has been played, and was a roaring success. Herein follows some specifics regarding how they did, and what this will cause when they finally return to the consillium.

The intro

The players followed Havfrue to the police raid. Dr. Happy, following his cowardly instincts, stayed well back, while Providence and Yannow intervened. Providence, with a usage of Perfect Timing, stepped in to try and calm the waters. And failed.

Following this little display, unseen senses went “ping”, which caused the players to withdraw slightly. Right after this, an old lady (named as “Miss Jensen”) picked up a cobblestone, and started yelling at the police. The players were aware that this was way out of character. The police, however, saw cobblestone and reacted. Shields up, visors down, and about to start swinging nightsticks.

Providence, giving his silver tongue another shot, stepped in again, this time trying to get the police to calm down. And failed. Miserably this time. Meanwhile, Månebarn was trying to get the elderly Miss Jensen to put down the cobblestone. Which led to him getting hit in the head. The players, feeling the mood, withdrew, pulling the wounded Månebarn out with them.

Shortly after, both Yannow and Providence were kindly told by their respective path mentors, Månebarn and Havfrue, that their session today was off, for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, Dr. Happy had already hightailed it to the Seventh Spire’s sanctum to sit in the old man’s club with Morgue and Anubis.

Providence found out where Miss Jensen lived, and staked out the house for most of the afternoon. Unfortunately, by the time he had gotten there, she was already inside having tea prepared by a friend, followed by a nap on top of the stress. He did manage to scrutinize the house deep enough to get to the underlying feelings of anger, still sticking around from when Christiania was still a seaside fortress. Finally, the old lady was in the window, even if only for a second. He did manage to see evidence of mental tampering, but before he could do more, she had pulled the drapes shut.

Meeting the Concillium

The next day, following texted orders from Månebarn, the players met up at, unknown to them, the Concillium building in the Botanical Garden.

Inside, the players were face to face with 2 councillors and a herald maintaining his master’s position, respectively Morgue, Hvisken (Whisper in Danish) and Månebarn.

This did not go well, as the players showed their complete lack of knowledge about the society they live in, cementing at least Providence’s anger towards Månebarn.

The end of it was that the mission was to be a test of their skills. The players, accepting the mission at face value, packed and left, leaving useful info behind. This might lead to them having trouble answering questions about the specifics of what was going on, but it shouldn’t hit them too hard.


While most of this went as expected, some things went offscript. First off, during the party, they found the powder used to enchant the drinks, and got caught. This led to hightailing it, just as Dr. Happy saw their target.

They then proceeded to sit in a ditch at the edge of town for a few hours, finally landing at a plan consisting of summoning a ghost, bargaining for its help in return for helping him move on, moving his anchor onto Dr. Happy’s familiar, and sending the cat and ghost into town to find their target. While time-consuming, this did give them the location.

While waiting, Providence spent some time scrutinizing the powder, first finding a resonance of obsession and something (the something being the abyssal influence), then digging deeper, he got a jolt of horrible. After some mental debating, he digged deeper, but once he suddenly started having visions of an ex-girlfriend speaking to him, he quickly snapped out of it, with only minor mental scars.

The players came face to face with the bloodied girl. They managed to talk her down and drop the knife. Yannow then picked it up and threw it into a nearby parking lot. Her, reaching the fatal realization, darted past them, scrambling for the knife. Providence was right on her, though, trying to stomp her hand hard enough to drop the knife. Her hand was bruised but functional, and she ended her own life.

And then they healed her, and tried to comfort her unsuccesfully. When they finally accepted that she was too far gone to do much for mentally, and the majority vote being against splitting up, they left her in the dark lot to sob herself to sleep.

They reached the house, found the dead couple, got creeped out like hell and killed the bad guy (after some initial trouble as the armor turned out to make him nigh unkillable)

Then they saved him as well. They’re nice guys, apparently. Keeping him barely conscious, they then proceeded to make a ghost gate, sculpt a rickshaw, summon a ghost, and force him to pull their little ghost rickshaw with all three players and an unconscious bad guy all the way to Copenhagen, leaving behind whatever he was doing in the basement as well as a whole town full of sleepers under the effects of some pretty horrible stuff. Considering they leave at around dawn, and they won’t be back in the physical realm in Copenhagen before at least another 24 hours, they will probably catch an earful for this.

A Beginning

This setting will finally be put to use. I will try and flesh out the pages as more becomes relevant, as well as keep a running log of the things I send the players through here.


  • Providence, a goth teen, and bitter Acanthus seer, who has found that no matter how he approaches the fates, they hold something grim for him, and perhaps the world.
  • Dr. Happy, an elderly Moros, whose awakening happened at the end of a long sickness. Despite awakening to the Lead Tower, he is convinced he can beat death through a combination of Life and Death arcana. Also, he seems to hold an unpleasant penchant for zombies.
  • Yannow, a Thyrsus animalist and eco-warrior.

Session 1, a gameplan

Start out with the very basics of what happens after their awakenings. I will leave them to figure out their awakenings themselves, as well as when or if they want to share it with the group.

However, they find them suddenly in the capable hands of the Guardians, who promptly send them to the only real center of mages in Denmark, Copenhagen. The game then skips forward to about 6 months later, as their training is coming to an end. Assigned to the Fellowship of the Dream, since these are low on the pecking order at the moment, they’ve endured some hardships at the hand of the perpetually “underappreciated” Moonchild. Olympus has only briefly communicated with his cabal through Mermaid, and he holds little interest in the happenings of the physical plane.

Scene 1, Christiania under attack

As the retelling of the previous months wind to a close, the players are confronted with a sobbing Mermaid. At first she’ll only be able burst out “Come on!” in between sobs, while pulling at the arm of whoever she finds most comforting (with these players, this would be Malurt, though she finds her fellow Acanthus intriguing but scary)

The players can calm her down to hear what’s going on, or simply follow her, either will lead on to what’s going on:

The police are raiding Pusher Street yet again, but while Moonchild is trying to calm the sleepers, it isn’t working. The players can intervene however they see fit, or simply allow things to take its course. If they do, one of the pushers will suddenly have a brick, he’ll throw at a cop. The cop goes down, the police go crazy, and things heat up. At some point, the players will notice bystanders, who would normally be completely peaceful get involved. Something’s off, mage senses will ping, and spirit sight will show specific spirit involvement.

A few outcomes are possible from this:

  • The players step in and defuse the situation before anything goes wrong. This will earn them some points from the higher-ups, but definitely some ire from Moonchild, who will feel they overstepped their bounds.
  • The players step in once the fight starts, and calms the masses from there. Moonchild will most likely still act annoyed, but he’ll know he couldn’t handle it.
  • The players attempt to step in, but it goes wrong.
  • The players ignore it.

Essentially no matter what happens, Moonchild will have had enough, and sends them before the concillium. They are no longer in training.

Scene 2, the concillium

The players meet the hierarch and councillors. The 5 orders each introduce themselves, inviting the players to seek out those they find interesting, to learn more.

Additionally, players are warned that the next time they stand before the concillium, they will be a cabal, and as such, need to handle the specifics of that. Moonchild, to his annoyance, is given this last responsibility.

Following their introductions to the orders and the official recognition as a cabal, the players are issued their first task.

They are to investigate the appearance of a mage in Søndersø, who has history in Copenhagen.

Investigation scenes

The mage in question is living some way away on Fyn, in a small town on the edge of Odense. What information they have regarding him is only that he had a cabal once, but they split up several years ago. When the cabal split, he disappeared, and has only recently resurfaced. The concillium feels this warrants investigation.

Only one cabalmate is still living in Copenhagen, and will be able to give some brief information as to who the apostate is. He is a Mastigos, he was briefly in the Mysterium, but has since been renounced. He does not volunteer the reason why the cabal split, but if pushed a bit, he will let the players know.

Back then, their cabal had been two males, one female. All three were Mysterium, and the other two were Moros and Obrimos. The apostate fell in love with his cabalmate, but she did not return his feelings. This led him to believe that the other two were involved, a false accusation, and felt that the quiet, grounded Moros must’ve used trickery to gain the attention of the Obrimos. Following this, something happened between the apostate and the Obrimos, which led to an uproar, unfortunately the remaining member does not know what happened specifically. The leaders might know more.

The Mysterium leaders are even more reluctant to let go of the information, as it’s Mysterium affairs. If suitably convinced, they will reveal that he had found an artifact of dubious origins and used it to try and force the Obrimos to love him. When this had failed, he fled, and she ended up leaving Copenhagen, to get away from the memory.

Scene 3, Søndersø, afternoon

In Søndersø, the cabal will find the town curious. Everyone seems happy and content, yet mage sights will pick up spell resonance on everyone.

The spell is something like a mage spell, but twisted horribly. It has a mind component, and is of fairly high potency, beyond what the players would be able to produce. The specifics of it is that they feel a deep obsession reminiscient of love that will grow as they are allowed to stick around. Additionally, they will turn aggressive against anyone who does not return the fake affection.

Once they ask around, they find out that the town recently had someone new move in, who “throws the best parties”. The players, having arrived at around dinner time, find that residents are slowly but surely moving towards something. If they follow the stream, they will find a park, wherein is indeed being thrown a wild party.

Scene 4, partytime

As they enter, they’re given drinks that resemble a cosmopolitan, with a sugar heart hanging on the edge of the glass. The drinks have the resonance of the spell on them, and drinking it will cause the player to be affected by the spell.

The players should have found out about the residents getting angry if they don’t return the affection. During the party, they will occasionally be harassed. At least two players can team up, and they will find that they don’t actually need to pay attention much to whoever they use as a “beard”, as long as they remain reasonably affectionate.

Asking around will lead them to the newest resident, who predictably is the apostate mage. Catching on fast, he asks the players if they’ve tried the refreshments. If the players act hostile, he reminds them that he has a whole town full of fans. The players can try and get some information out of him. The best way to do this would be to push his buttons regarding his old cabal, his pride, etc. Each of the points below should require further pressure.

  • It turns out the artifact he was using was “Cupid’s Bow”.
  • After he escaped, he used some time tracking the resonance of whoever created it.
  • Turns out its dubiousness was well earned, as it was an abyssal artifact.
  • The apostate believed himself to be able to harness the powers used, without falling prey to the abyssal forces involved.

If they get sidetracked, he will get annoyed, if they get all the information, he will indicate his apparent mastery by directing the players’ attention to the residents behind him.

Following that, he will yell that the players plan to hurt him, and the residents as one turn, party mood turning to anger in an instant. As the players try to get out of there, the apostate disappears in the crowd.

The crowd will be angry but not directly hostile. Attacking them will cause anyone not close to the apostate to be frightened and moving away, and any other tactics to escape a crowd will work equally well. The residents do not count as sleepers while under the influence of the spell.

Scene 5, tracking

Whether this happens during the night, or if the players find somewhere to stay, is not terribly important.

The players should be looking for the guy. Simply asking people on the street will suffice, although more tricky ways are possible, of course.

On the way, they’re confronted with a sobbing female running out of a building. If they approach her, they will notice her being covered in blood and holding a bloody kitchen knife. If they stop her or ask what happened, she’ll convey a story of how her new boyfriend was talking to another girl at the party, and now he was talking to her on the phone. She wasn’t about to let that bitch take her “huggybear”. If the players take his side, she’ll start yelling at them and waving the knife about. If they side with her, she’ll be thankful, and then start saying stuff along the lines of “Oh, god, what have I done?!”, standard remorse stuff. Before they can do much, she plunges the knife into her own stomach, pulling it upwards as she falls down. This serves to illustrate the point that while the idea of giving people love might be fine, it ain’t exactly good love.

Scene 6, confrontation

However they find out, they’re eventually led to a typical village house, white picket fence and everything. Inside, there’s a faint, but undeniable sickly-sweet smell of decay. If the players investigate this first, they find the owners of the house in their bed, embracing each other, dead for several days.

If they linger here, a voice will come from the entrance to the room, with the target explaining that he tried his mixture on them first, offering to cook them dinner as payment for him staying there. They accepted, their love turning to obsession, and pretty soon they didn’t feel the need for food or water, as they had each other. Slowly wasting away, they died of thirst after a few days. But at least they died with the one they loved, right?

If the players agree with him, he will brighten up, showing what he’s been doing. The players can simply say “awesome job”, get a description of how he made his potion, and leave. This will cost them dearly when they return to the concillium, the Mysterium requesting any documents or other items they were given, and the Guardians moving out to silence the problem.

If confronted with just how horrible this is, he will start ranting about how everyone faults him for doing good, and how everyone is narrowminded and shortsighted.

Should they push the issue, he’ll engage them in combat. He is not much for fighting, but does have some abilities to contend with.

  • Int 4, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Strength 1, Dex 3, Sta 2, Pre 3, Mani 2, Comp 2
  • Gnosis 2, Mind 3, Space 2, Spirit 2
  • Defense 3, Initiative 4, Speed 9
  • Health 7, Mana 6
  • Mental Shield, -3 to spells to control, detect or influence
  • Misperception, 3 armor
  • Psychic Assault, 7 – target Resolve
  • Lesser Spirit Summons, with a bad resonance, won’t work
  • Gun, 2L, 5 dice

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