The sanctum of the players

Sanctum Size: 2 5 rooms
Sanctum Security: 1 Standard lock, out of the way
Hallow: 2 Water outlet for washer spews soapy water, tass congeals as soap
Library: 1 Zoology

In a backyard in Copenhagen, steps lead down to a door in cellar height. Securely locked and watched, behind it is the Sanctum of the players.

Not much to look at, rundown concrete walls and floors, the main hallway has two rooms on either side, and a set of stairs leading down at the end. These rooms was most likely once the storage areas for apartments above, but when renters came willing to settle for the cellar rooms, it has been converted into a shoddy apartment.

One room has been converted into a kitchen, with the majority of the interior being from somewhere in the previous millenium. Across the hall, the players have furnished a room as a living room, with a rug on the floor, two mismatched sofas and a coffee table, all of which bear an unmistakable 70’s style. A TV has been placed, with a wire running from the antenna output up to the window, where it is taped, in the hopes of improving the signal.

Another room has some storebought mattresses against one wall, one area in which the characters did not want to skimp too much, along with some shelving that is still entirely empty.

Across the hall, a makeshift lab has been constructed by Dr. Happy on the charity of his cabal mates.

Finally, at the end of the hallway, a set of stairs lead down to what might once have been a washing room. 3 outlets for water and power are here for washers, one of which has been determined to run indefinitely with soapy water. The players have found an ornamental birdbath which they have placed underneath, and this forms their hallow. Tass congeals in the form of dried soap on the sides. Aside from functioning as tass, the soap, despite its slightly offputting looks, also provides a +1 bonus on social interactions for one day after using it, however this uses up the bit of soap completely.

Of additional amenities available to the apartment is a shared bathroom between themselves and two other apartments on the ground floor.

Of interest specifically to the players are a park just outside, and a massive cemetary on the other side of the park.

In the apartment building with which they share their bathroom, is:

  • A Tamil family, who speaks little Danish
  • An elderly senile woman, Agnete, who has three cats, named after their fur color, and occasionally believes Dr. Happy to be her husband Oskar
    • Any time the players run into her, she offers a cup of coffee and cookies, and if they accept, she will spend the time complaining about some minor problem with her apartment
      There are 2 more floors with 2 apartments each, who share their own bathroom:
  • A single mother, Therese, and two boys, Chris og Johnny, who tend to be somewhat misbehaved
  • A student at DTU, who does not socialise with the building block
  • A young couple, Maria and Jens, who are both veterans of Iraq
  • One empty apartment, which will occasionally be leased, and then will be vacant within three months


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