Fate's Hand

The artifact of Providence


Superlative Luck as a conditional spell

Artifact holds a maximum of 13 mana, and regenerates 5 mana per day.


Fate’s Hand is relatively well-known to mage society, due to its history.

Put bluntly, every time Fate’s Hand shows up, the world heaves. It was involved in World War II, it was there in Vietnam, and mages investigating the attack on WTC found the resonance of Fate’s Hand on one of the hijackers. This is merely a small sampling of its effect on history.

Despite this, it has managed to elude capture and study. The few who have become aware of the artifact’s past have claimed to know nothing of it, simply finding themselves in possession of it without knowing fully how.

This is due to the fact that the artifact disappears under mysterious circumstances after it has altered fate. When it turns up again, it’s in a new shape and form. There are two constants about the artifact, the resonance and the spell. It’s always Superlative Luck, and the resonance will always be of cold, wet darkness.

The history of the artifact is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed to originally be a fae-touched gift to mankind. Most believe that it was given to King Arthur by Gwendolyn, and returned to the fae when he died. Since then, they have delighted in using it to subtly shift fate towards chaos.

Fate's Hand

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