Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 5

The plan going forward:

The players have essentially decided on killing Rattinger. They have two plans at the moment, one consisting of a dramatic confrontation, and if that fails, they’ll come back later in twilight, make a ghost gate behind him and shoot him in the back of the head.

This may seem like a fairly silly plan, as the gate would take at least 3 hours. It stems from a rules debate concerning whether inanimate objects can be teleported in and out of Twilight. I am still debating letting them try an instant version of the ghost gate that only allows inanimate objects to pass through, or limiting them to a ritual cast ghost gate.

The second twist to this tale is that the Guardians are on Rattinger’s tail as well, and that may throw a wrench in the works. How exactly this will happen, I am still figuring out. It may serve to cement the players’ view on the local guardians as complete tools. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Moving on from the Banisher situation, there’s still the spirit to contend with, as well as the Seers, who they haven’t even run into yet.



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