Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 4, aftermath

The session went well, the players spent most of it arguing amongst themselves.

They decided to ignore the hook about the gun smugglers, which is fair enough, as I had no clue what would happen there.

They decided to go through Twilight to scope out the Youth House. While Dr. Happy fixed the gate, Providence and Yannow started researching Rattinger.

They then went through Twilight to scope out the Youth House. When they returned, and tried for 14 hours to make a ghost gate back, they remembered they were supposed to call their mentors. They were told they needed to fix their cabal, so they could become recognized members of the Consilium. So they argued for a bit about the cabal, ending up with Yannow as Doorwarden and Edgetender, Dr. Happy as Lorekeeper, Providence as Farseeker and Kat guest starring as Hearthmaster. The following day, they got recognized, as planned, and was given Kat as an apprentice.

The next day, they split up. Dr. Happy went through Twilight to grab money from an ATM, while Providence and Yannow researched further. Providence went off to scan the names of the apartment building they followed Rattinger to, while Yannow went to get disguises. After that, they went to meet Maria Jensen, the ex of Rattinger. They were told what they expected, so they’re moving on to step number 2.



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