Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 4

Having been mostly unable to work on the campaign, I’m in a tough spot for tuesday, but I’ll compile the ideas I do have.

Status quo

Players are in the Sanctum, somewhat wellrested after being in full on paranoia mode, thinking they’ll get attacked any second. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit with the Banishers entering their Sanctum, I’m not sure they managed to feel “safe” there.

Their plan is to contact their assorted mentors primarily to get some tips on defending their Sanctum from the Banishers. This’ll be met by “Oh, btw, Guardians wanted access, we reassured them you were on the verge of becoming recognized mages. So you’re becoming that today, move!”

This should end up in what was supposed to happen during session 2, and will protect the players from the Guardians. Since they refused to hand over Kat, they’ll also get an apprentice in the deal.

Weapons Smuggling, or “How I fixed me giving them access to illegal assault rifles.”

I’ll weave in a news report somewhere about the police raiding and arresting a weapons smuggling ring during the early hours of the morning. It should be delivered, so there’s a sliver of doubt whether they’re at risk of arrests, something like “Police refused commenting on whether they will be pursuing business associates of the ring.”

Further attempts at procuring weapons will go by the Armory rules, and the higher difficulty and price will be explained by a sudden void in the market, that isn’t being filled.

The Banishers

Assuming the players go after the Banishers, I won’t pussyfoot about it. If they go straight for the leader, on his turf, they’ll be in for a tough fight, one they’re not guaranteed to come out of alive.

I’m not sure how they can catch him off guard, but getting his phone number would be a step in the direction of finding him at home or something. I’ll let the players come up with a plan there.

The Guardians

These aren’t straight up antagonists, of course. Hvisken knows his limits, and won’t demand anything from the players on their turf. He won’t touch Kat either, if they manage to get her as an apprentice. If they refuse that responsibility, she’ll be captured at some point.

This is all based on them actually becoming recognized, though. If they don’t get this done, they’re in hot water suddenly.



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