Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 3, aftermath

Despite initial fears that I did not have enough material, the session lasted long enough that players needed to leave not long after I ran out.

The session started with the players meeting Havfrue, and establishing a game plan. Havfrue disliking the Guardians gave the players an excuse not to dump it on them. They got the number of Rattinger from the phone of Kat (and Kat’s number since they had her phone), and left to start investigating.

The players sort of exploded at this point. Dr. Happy decided to stay for a cup of tea at the house of the elderly lady taking care of Kat. This gave me an avenue for letting him know more about the crazy schemes the Banisher cult was running.

Providence wanted to get strapped, so he started doing Streetwise rolls. I missed the bit in Armory about these rolls, so he got off pretty darn easy. He ended up getting a gun, though, and later on, got Yannow an SMG as well (both low powered ones). This will be fixed by the players seeing news about a raid on a smuggling ring on the news, this might lead into a hook for them trying to check if there was any surveillance or other proof of them being there.

Yannow spent some time researching Rattinger’s phone number, and learned that it was registered to a Maria Jensen. This is Rattinger’s ex.

Once they ended up back at the Sanctum, now with one gun among them, they were visited by Kat, who had been told she was in danger at Christiania. This led Providence to take place outside with gun in pocket. As the bad guys arrived, he confronted them with an epic speech, which was ended fairly abruptly by them drawing weapons and shooting/stabbing him. By the time the other players entered the fray, he had taken 5 lethal, and was crying on the floor. Some shadow magic and other hooplah, not to forget Kat helping out by doing a whopping 6 lethal in one stab to the Acanthus, ended the fight with some injuries to the players, I hope enough to give them a sense of mortality.

They called the Guardians to clean up their mess, because it does seem to be the thing to do in Copenhagen, and they come and pick up the two Banishers. They also ask about the third black-clad person, Kat, and Providence volunteers the information that she is also a Banisher. They want to take her, he says no, big angry blowout, but it ends without any attacks. It does put the Cabal, and Providence especially, on the radar.

After a brief trip to get an SMG, the players get to bed, and the session ends.



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