Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 3

Scene 1, seeing Havfrue

This will be the introduction, leading in from the players taking the Banisher, called Kat, to Havfrue.

Assuming the players actually get her there safely, Havfrue will scrutinize her, and then ask how they found her.

Once she gets the full story, and asks a bit about what she believes, she’ll realise what’s going on, and go into full disclosure mode, telling the players and Kat about Banishers, weaving in some stings about the Guardians.

Once she learns a bit more about what’s actually going on, she’ll offer a place to stay for Kat.


Unfortunately, the leadout from the first scene is very much in the hands of the players. If they’re being passive, a few story hooks are still open.

Yannow needs to have a Mysterium initiation, this will only be for Status 1, and Mysterium Initiation 0. David will at this point have become the primary contact for him. He will ask him to come in, and ask him to start casting a vulgar Weaving practice on a cat. As he is doing so, he will be counterspelled several times. This will continue until a Paradox occurs.

Once this has happened, he will be explained that while this may be common knowledge to him, he should know how it feels to be touched by the abyss, as well as fight against counterspells. He will then be explained the basic concepts of the Mysterium, e.g. the Protocols and Guanxi, as well as Mysterium Initiation 0, with the signs, etc, that comes with this, as well as the pact of secrecy.

If Providence keeps stalking the Guardians, he will most likely be met by Stik, who proves that they are in fact very much on to him. He’ll then make it clear that he failed a test, but that if he is so intent on joining them, he will have to find a way to prove that his loyalty lies first with defending the Mysteries.

Scene 2, the Youth House fights back

This will start by Kat coming to the players, upset about something. As it turns out, Havfrue divined that staying in Christiania would be very hazardous for her, so she was sent to the players. What she didn’t know was that the Banishers that compose the danger is using Fate magic to guide them.

What they’ll be faced with next is some of the cult’s more professional members, who will be brandishing revolvers and unwavering hatred. Specifically, an Acanthus and a Moros.

These two will use the following tactics. The spells noted will be active from the start of the fight. The Acanthus will go for Yannow as soon as possible, using an all out attack against him until 8-again runs out. The Moros will go for the first person aside from Yannow to perform something hostile, delaying his action if noone else acts. If everyone else waits, he will shoot at Yannow.

Moros Gunman
.22 LR (1L), 6 – Armor
Alter Accuracy, 4 dice, 9-again on pistol, 1 roll per success
Armor Piercing, 4 dice, Armor Piercing (1) on pistol, 1 roll per success
Thick Clothing (1/0 Armor)

Acanthus Knifer
Knife (1L), 7 – (Defense + Armor)
Superlative Luck, 4 dice, 8-again on knife, 1 roll per success
Evil Eye, 4 dice – Resolve, -3 on opponent, 1 roll per success (conditional, “on attacked”)
Thick Clothing (1/0 Armor)

Once these have been handled, the players should be aware that it’s no longer something that can be ignored. They need to act to stop this cult.

This is a vector for Providence to sell out Kat to the Guardians, pass the Grey Veil, and still be able to defend his actions to the other players.


Dr. Happy, who tends to visit Christiania every now and then, will notice a young man talking to some of the elderly women, specifically Mrs. Jensen. While this may look like a mugging from afar, looking closer reveals that they are talking peacefully, if with a somewhat desperate edge. Towards the end of the talk, something is passed from the young man to Mrs. Jensen. A knife, to be specific, although it will be wrapped, so not visible.

This is essentially the spirit gearing up his recruits. Next time a raid breaks out, blood will flow.



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