Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 2, aftermath

Session 2 completed, with a far slower pace than the first.

The characters, almost asleep from exhaustion, was put through the paces right after they came home. The debriefing went fairly well, they were entirely forthcoming, the Guardians, not so much.

The MÃ¥nebarn scene went differently than expected in that I hardly managed to get his first salvo out before Providence shouted him down. It was well played, and I admit, I stumbled for a bit there trying to find MÃ¥nebarn’s reaction.

It ends up being Anubis who gets the call, but wanting to improve the players’ opinion of Havfrue (who they at this point had deemed useless blonde bimbo, a far cry from the reality of the fate adept), I let her take the lead.

After going all “disappointed-sister” on him, slaps and all, the players have a newfound respect for her, though every player found other alternatives with regards to mentoring.


Dr. Happy went back to his sort-of-already-a-mentor, Anubis. Judging that this was essentially just picking up where they left off, this didn’t take too much. Yannow went off and joined the Mysterium, unfortunately I hadn’t considered this, as he was in an order as it was. This means that rites and introductions has been saved for session 3.

Providence, wanting to protect the world, went back to Amager to become a guardian. I played the grey veil scene out after a week of downtime and talking. Unfortunately, as I am making a roll to let him see the artifact, he casts a mage armor. I judge the test failed and he suddenly loses contact with his mentor.

He hasn’t given up on them, though, and I have an idea for giving him a tough choice in session 3.

Meeting the Youth House Banisher

As both Yannow and Dr. Happy decided to spend the downtime holed up, I ended up having to sic the Banisher girl on Providence. He got very confused, and she ended up running away. Unfortunately, the not-so-subtle hints about the Youth house did nothing, and the players spent the next day barking up Providence’s Guardian tree. Specifically they ended up at the location of one of the Labyrinth societies, Polyteknika, a bar at DTU, unfortunately this did not register at all, and they gave up.

Returning home, they find their Sanctum violated, and a note from the Banisher lying in the living room. They proceed to have Yannow manifest a blood hound nose, and find her trail. This works only halfway, but I throw them a bone, and they find out that she must’ve jumped on a bus heading for the Youth House.

Out there, the players find that there is some very bad vibes in the air, as youths are phoning ahead of the players. When they do arrive, most of the bad guys have taken off. They get into a bit of a scuffle with the “guards” at the door (sleepers, all) but end up convincing them that Providence can get inside. He looks around, while the other two notice the Banisher girl trying to sneak away.

This leads to a foot race between the two groups, with Providence lagging slightly behind. The result becomes that Yannow charges her, avoids a knife swing, and grabs her in a choke hold, forcing her to drop the knife. Once she calms down, the players, against Providence’s wishes, take her to see Havfrue.

Meanwhile, the guards have been suspiciously unhelpful to their friend. This is mostly due to them being told not to interfere in the leader’s prodigies’ fights. He doesn’t want to see sleepers killed.



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