Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 2

Session 2 starts out with the players only just getting back to the physical realm near their sanctum. This makes the early session somewhat hard to control, however it is not outside the realm of reason that they contact their only magical contact, Månebarn.

This will lead to the Guardians showing up and taking the target into custody. Additionally, the players are expected to show up for a debriefing. The players are led out to an SUV, which will drive them to the head quarters of the Amager Watchmen.

Scene 2, debriefing

The players are guided in through a lobby area to a meeting room, where Hvisken is seated at the end of the table. He’s busy looking in a bunch of different files, this time in a suit and glasses, looking very 50’s spy.

He will wait for the players to start, but will interrupt them as soon as they start speaking. They will be blamed for leaving so many sleepers exposed to magic. He will pause, and if the players don’t talk, he will remove his glasses, and say how they weren’t aware what they were sending the players into. Finally, he will ask them to recount what happened.

If they mention the powder, he will interrupt them to ask if they have it. Contested Manipulation + Subterfuge/Wits + Empathy rolls, if they lie.

Finally, he’ll ask if they might have forgotten to mention anything. If the players haven’t mentioned the powder, and is still keeping it a secret, a set of Manipulation + Subterfuge/Wits + Empathy rolls can occur here.

If he succeeds, he will calmly look at Providence, who is still holding the powder, if he’s absolutely sure there’s not something he’s forgotten. If he still denies it, Hvisken will apparently let it go, but will put a tail on Providence.

He will end the meeting by letting the players know that they are still encouraged to seek out the different orders.

Scene 3, back to Christiania

The players are driven back into the center of town again. On the way, they all receive texts from Månebarn, telling them to meet him at Christiania.

When they reach the meeting hall, they find him teetering on the brink of a full on berserk. What they don’t know is that he is no longer considered “fit” to hold the Thyrsus seat on the council. Him only being a Provost, they won’t take the seat away from Olympus, but they have decided that it would be wiser to find someone to fill one of the remaining seats, Acanthus or Obrimos.

He, of course, blames this solely on the players. He clearly recollects telling them about the orders, going so far as to note that two of them are in fact libertines (albeit not entirely official ones). He also clearly remembers telling them about Lex, and how it is different from place to place, and so on.

The players can try to disagree with this, but he won’t hear of it. The long and short of it is that he tells them to find other mentors, and that he’s rescinding their Right of Passage in the domain of the Fellowship of the Dream. (The players can do an Intelligence + Composure roll at -3 here to recall that that isn’t actually how his cabal works)

The players should probably start considering what to do. They need someone to teach them more about the orders and so on, before they can become recognized mages of Copenhagen.

What they know so far is that there’s mages in the concillium building. There’s mages in Amager. Providence has Havfrue’s number, and Dr. Happy can try and take the long way out and stop in at the Seventh Spire.

Of these, only Havfrue and the Seventh Spire will be useful.

Scene 4a, Seventh Spire

Only Anubis will be present, asking for Morgue will be met with an evasive reference to “Concillium business”. (In actuality, he’s preparing a concillium meeting to allow the members to vote for a new chair. This should happen around the time when the players have found a new mentor (or mentors))

If explained the antics of Månebarn, he will find it fairly amusing, and let the players know that their cabal is neither led by Månebarn, nor does he hold the role as the Doorwarden.

He will make a vague reference to being sympathetic to Månebarn’s breakdown, and tell the players that while they’re probably safe enough in wandering around Christiania, they shouldn’t expect him to uphold his duty as their mentor, and that they’re better off finding someone better.

If the players ask him, he will ask them to clarify why he should be doing that. If they can come up with a decent reason, he will concede. If they mention that they have a Hallow, he will request 1 Tass per week, until such a time as they are knowledgeable about the orders and Laws of Copenhagen.

Scene 4b, Havfrue

Havfrue will be blissfully unaware of her cabalmate’s craziness. If the players outright tell her, she will ask them to come over again.

After they meet up, she will locate Månebarn, march the players up to him. She will proceed to stomp up to him, yelling about him going over his boundaries, and end it by giving him a ringing slap.

He will start talking back, trying to argue that they did damage to his reputation. She will respond that he did that damage himself by not being able to teach them properly. He will get even more angry, and raise his hand, but she grabs his arm, and tells him to consider carefully the repercussions of causing damage to another mage, specifically a cabalmate.

Yanking his arm out of her grip, he turns and walks a few steps away, before turning back, stating angrily that he will still not teach the players.

Havfrue then explains the players how he doesn’t have the right to kick them out, and that they can move freely through Christiania, as the Fellowship follow the Right of Passage. She tells them that they can probably forget getting Månebarn to teach them anything, but she can teach them what she knows, as the duty was given to the Cabal, not to him specifically.


Unless the players have specific wishes, a “time passes” segment happens here, wherein they’re told that their chosen mentor teaches them about the 5 orders. If Providence wishes to join an order, this would be when it happens. Most likely this will be either the Free Council, which will be fairly painless, or the Guardians of the Veil, which will be somewhat more challenging. This will happen over some time, with scenes for each Veil.

Following that, they’re told of the Charter, the Council and Lex, and how Cabals work. They’re encouraged to form a Cabal, and helped in forming the Protocols.

Scene 5, Providence becoming a Guardian

This will pass by without much fanfare. If he asks to join the Guardians, he is told that they will indeed accept him into their ranks. They will only teach him the barest minimum, how you can’t use any magic in front of sleepers or suspected sleepers, and the necessity to kill for the greater good. After a few weeks of “membership”, he will be asked to ride along on an assignment. He will be given an armored vest and a suit to match those of the sleepwalkers he’s going with, and they drive off. The two sleepwalkers and Providence enter an apartment to retrieve an item which has fallen into a Sleeper’s hands, and the situation rapidly turns violent. The fight happens to move in such a way that Providence can retrieve the item. The sleepwalkers manage to get Providence out, and when he returns, he unknowingly advances to the Crimson Veil.

If, however, he uses any magic, he flunks out without explanation.

The Crimson Veil will take about twice as long, and will include stuff about the Guardians, the Masques, the concept of Vulgarity, and that it is in fact okay to use covert magic to save yourself.

The test of the Crimson Veil will come in a later session.

Scene 6, becoming recognized

Their mentor brings them to the Council. At this point, Morgue, Hvisken, Statsmand and the new Councillor will greet them.

They are asked who they are, to which they have been told to respond with their shadow name, their order affiliation (or Unaligned), their highest magical prowess. While they know they would usually add their Cabal name to an outspoken title like this, their Cabal has not yet been recognized either. If they have not formed one, they should add “and Solitary” to the end of the title. An addendum will be added, asking if they hold any domain, to which they should reply “No, Hierarch.”

They are then asked if they know who they’re standing in front of. To this, the answer should be “The Hierarch and Pathmasters of the Consilium of Copenhagen.”

The Hierarch will then ask if they wish to form a Cabal, to which the players should of course say yes. He will ask for the Protocols, which should be given to him. He will look through these, note the Rights given, and accept this.

He will ask if they have a Sanctum, and where this is.

Finally, he will stand up, and declare as follows:

“Let it be known that these mages, Dr. Happy, Providence and Yannow, are now, by the good graces of myself, Hierarch of the Consilium of Copenhagen, recognized mages of Copenhagen. Furthermore, let it be known that they are members of the Cabal of [name], recognized by myself, Hierarch of Copenhagen, and that they hold a domain consisting of [address].”

He sits down again, and asks the mentor if he wishes anything else of the Consilium, to which will be said no, and the mentor will lead the players out.

Scene 7, a stalker

After all this politicking, the next big antagonist will start to show itself. The players will have rolls made for them to notice their stalker. If this doesn’t succeed, one of the players will be faced with an unfortunate situation. Namely, he’s got no way to escape, and a kid dressed in black is pointing a gun at him.

However, wits + empathy will note that she’s not at all happy about the situation she’s in.

She will yell something about how the player is a pawn of the government, and that she didn’t expect the people to fight back.

The player can try and talk her down. Best case is that she drops her knife, but any attempts at approaching her leads to her zapping the lights and running off.

If the player starts raising magic, the assailant shouts that she felt that, and tries to dispel it.

If he becomes openly hostile, the assailant runs in, knife first, in an all out attack. If she takes damage, she will scream and run off, blending into the crowd a bit from there.

If she manages to win the fight, she’ll panic and shout for help, and someone will come into the alley and help out, calling an ambulance and the police. She will end up being held for questioning.

The clothes will have some hallmarks of a certain group of people, namely the youths of the Youth House.

Obrimos Youth Resistance League Banisher

Intelligence 2 Strength 2 Presence 2
Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3
Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2

Weaponry 2 (knives)
Stealth 2 (shadowing)
Subterfuge 2 (fast talking)

Knife, 1L, dicepool 6

Shadowing, dicepool 6 vs Wits + Composure
Fast talking, dicepool 6 vs Composure + Empathy
Bluff, dicepool 5 vs Intelligence + Empathy

Defense: 3
Armor: 1/0

Affect Light, dicepool 3
Counterspell Prime, dicepool 3
Supernal Vision



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