Copenhagen Unveiled

Session 1, aftermath

The first session has been played, and was a roaring success. Herein follows some specifics regarding how they did, and what this will cause when they finally return to the consillium.

The intro

The players followed Havfrue to the police raid. Dr. Happy, following his cowardly instincts, stayed well back, while Providence and Yannow intervened. Providence, with a usage of Perfect Timing, stepped in to try and calm the waters. And failed.

Following this little display, unseen senses went “ping”, which caused the players to withdraw slightly. Right after this, an old lady (named as “Miss Jensen”) picked up a cobblestone, and started yelling at the police. The players were aware that this was way out of character. The police, however, saw cobblestone and reacted. Shields up, visors down, and about to start swinging nightsticks.

Providence, giving his silver tongue another shot, stepped in again, this time trying to get the police to calm down. And failed. Miserably this time. Meanwhile, Månebarn was trying to get the elderly Miss Jensen to put down the cobblestone. Which led to him getting hit in the head. The players, feeling the mood, withdrew, pulling the wounded Månebarn out with them.

Shortly after, both Yannow and Providence were kindly told by their respective path mentors, Månebarn and Havfrue, that their session today was off, for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, Dr. Happy had already hightailed it to the Seventh Spire’s sanctum to sit in the old man’s club with Morgue and Anubis.

Providence found out where Miss Jensen lived, and staked out the house for most of the afternoon. Unfortunately, by the time he had gotten there, she was already inside having tea prepared by a friend, followed by a nap on top of the stress. He did manage to scrutinize the house deep enough to get to the underlying feelings of anger, still sticking around from when Christiania was still a seaside fortress. Finally, the old lady was in the window, even if only for a second. He did manage to see evidence of mental tampering, but before he could do more, she had pulled the drapes shut.

Meeting the Concillium

The next day, following texted orders from Månebarn, the players met up at, unknown to them, the Concillium building in the Botanical Garden.

Inside, the players were face to face with 2 councillors and a herald maintaining his master’s position, respectively Morgue, Hvisken (Whisper in Danish) and Månebarn.

This did not go well, as the players showed their complete lack of knowledge about the society they live in, cementing at least Providence’s anger towards Månebarn.

The end of it was that the mission was to be a test of their skills. The players, accepting the mission at face value, packed and left, leaving useful info behind. This might lead to them having trouble answering questions about the specifics of what was going on, but it shouldn’t hit them too hard.


While most of this went as expected, some things went offscript. First off, during the party, they found the powder used to enchant the drinks, and got caught. This led to hightailing it, just as Dr. Happy saw their target.

They then proceeded to sit in a ditch at the edge of town for a few hours, finally landing at a plan consisting of summoning a ghost, bargaining for its help in return for helping him move on, moving his anchor onto Dr. Happy’s familiar, and sending the cat and ghost into town to find their target. While time-consuming, this did give them the location.

While waiting, Providence spent some time scrutinizing the powder, first finding a resonance of obsession and something (the something being the abyssal influence), then digging deeper, he got a jolt of horrible. After some mental debating, he digged deeper, but once he suddenly started having visions of an ex-girlfriend speaking to him, he quickly snapped out of it, with only minor mental scars.

The players came face to face with the bloodied girl. They managed to talk her down and drop the knife. Yannow then picked it up and threw it into a nearby parking lot. Her, reaching the fatal realization, darted past them, scrambling for the knife. Providence was right on her, though, trying to stomp her hand hard enough to drop the knife. Her hand was bruised but functional, and she ended her own life.

And then they healed her, and tried to comfort her unsuccesfully. When they finally accepted that she was too far gone to do much for mentally, and the majority vote being against splitting up, they left her in the dark lot to sob herself to sleep.

They reached the house, found the dead couple, got creeped out like hell and killed the bad guy (after some initial trouble as the armor turned out to make him nigh unkillable)

Then they saved him as well. They’re nice guys, apparently. Keeping him barely conscious, they then proceeded to make a ghost gate, sculpt a rickshaw, summon a ghost, and force him to pull their little ghost rickshaw with all three players and an unconscious bad guy all the way to Copenhagen, leaving behind whatever he was doing in the basement as well as a whole town full of sleepers under the effects of some pretty horrible stuff. Considering they leave at around dawn, and they won’t be back in the physical realm in Copenhagen before at least another 24 hours, they will probably catch an earful for this.



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