Copenhagen Unveiled

Looking back

The adventure log has been pretty quiet, though quite a lot has happened since the last post.

The players defeated Rattinger as well as the spirit, and has achieved some standing in the community.

Yannow joined the Mysterium, and Providence tried and failed to join the Guardians (in his mind, they don’t deserve him anyway)

They also started working on legacies, Yannow working on learning the Orphans of Proteus legacy, Providence becoming a Daoine and Dr. Happy starting his own, based on Life and Death. Essentially, the end goal of that is to become immortal, or at least extend the natural life span. Arcturus has not yet decided what he wants to become, and Kat, being the child of the group, has no such plans.

They were set on the trail of a supernatural mass murderer, who killed and mutilated young women, leaving them in a globally spanning pattern. He was handed over to the Guardians, with the agreement that they would be allowed to question him further, should the need arise.

Their latest adventure was a trip to Peru, where they found a temple that was the mystical opposite to the Incan sun temples such as Macchu Picchu. Here, they found symbols similar to those the aforementioned mass murderer carved into the bodies of the women. They escaped unscathed, but two of the mortal researchers were taken over by the local entities.

In chasing these, they ended up causing the crash of a city hopper scale passenger jet, and were arrested by the Peruvian authorities. All except Dr. Happy, who faked his own death, waking up in the morgue.

While he worked on getting them out from the outside, the other four handily side stepped the entire storyline built up inside the prison (never trust walls to keep a mage) and escaped.

Returning to the dig site and seeking out an indigenous tribe of mages modelling their magic on the Incan gods, who had helped them understand the dig site, the elder of the tribe helped them understand the seriousness of what they had witnessed in the temple. After promising to save the world, the elder opened a portal to their home, and the players were back in Copenhagen.

After interrogating the mass murderer (who turned out to be on the side of good, if misguided) they were set on the trail of mass deaths as a focal point of whatever terrible thing is about to happen.

Investigating the city, they were led on the trail of a massive Hallow being created by the Seventh Spire (or rather, their leader Spark) with Death as the primary resonance, drawing from a number of sources, carefully binding the leylines around a single focal point, the as-yet unopened museum.

The last action the players have taken is to trace one of these ley lines to an old mental hospital, and transforming some of the microbial life into fully grown oaks, instantly demolishing the old landmark. Dispelling the spell left no evidence of foul play, making it seem as if it had simply collapsed (explosively) on its own.



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