Copenhagen Unveiled

A Beginning

This setting will finally be put to use. I will try and flesh out the pages as more becomes relevant, as well as keep a running log of the things I send the players through here.


  • Providence, a goth teen, and bitter Acanthus seer, who has found that no matter how he approaches the fates, they hold something grim for him, and perhaps the world.
  • Dr. Happy, an elderly Moros, whose awakening happened at the end of a long sickness. Despite awakening to the Lead Tower, he is convinced he can beat death through a combination of Life and Death arcana. Also, he seems to hold an unpleasant penchant for zombies.
  • Yannow, a Thyrsus animalist and eco-warrior.

Session 1, a gameplan

Start out with the very basics of what happens after their awakenings. I will leave them to figure out their awakenings themselves, as well as when or if they want to share it with the group.

However, they find them suddenly in the capable hands of the Guardians, who promptly send them to the only real center of mages in Denmark, Copenhagen. The game then skips forward to about 6 months later, as their training is coming to an end. Assigned to the Fellowship of the Dream, since these are low on the pecking order at the moment, they’ve endured some hardships at the hand of the perpetually “underappreciated” Moonchild. Olympus has only briefly communicated with his cabal through Mermaid, and he holds little interest in the happenings of the physical plane.

Scene 1, Christiania under attack

As the retelling of the previous months wind to a close, the players are confronted with a sobbing Mermaid. At first she’ll only be able burst out “Come on!” in between sobs, while pulling at the arm of whoever she finds most comforting (with these players, this would be Malurt, though she finds her fellow Acanthus intriguing but scary)

The players can calm her down to hear what’s going on, or simply follow her, either will lead on to what’s going on:

The police are raiding Pusher Street yet again, but while Moonchild is trying to calm the sleepers, it isn’t working. The players can intervene however they see fit, or simply allow things to take its course. If they do, one of the pushers will suddenly have a brick, he’ll throw at a cop. The cop goes down, the police go crazy, and things heat up. At some point, the players will notice bystanders, who would normally be completely peaceful get involved. Something’s off, mage senses will ping, and spirit sight will show specific spirit involvement.

A few outcomes are possible from this:

  • The players step in and defuse the situation before anything goes wrong. This will earn them some points from the higher-ups, but definitely some ire from Moonchild, who will feel they overstepped their bounds.
  • The players step in once the fight starts, and calms the masses from there. Moonchild will most likely still act annoyed, but he’ll know he couldn’t handle it.
  • The players attempt to step in, but it goes wrong.
  • The players ignore it.

Essentially no matter what happens, Moonchild will have had enough, and sends them before the concillium. They are no longer in training.

Scene 2, the concillium

The players meet the hierarch and councillors. The 5 orders each introduce themselves, inviting the players to seek out those they find interesting, to learn more.

Additionally, players are warned that the next time they stand before the concillium, they will be a cabal, and as such, need to handle the specifics of that. Moonchild, to his annoyance, is given this last responsibility.

Following their introductions to the orders and the official recognition as a cabal, the players are issued their first task.

They are to investigate the appearance of a mage in Søndersø, who has history in Copenhagen.

Investigation scenes

The mage in question is living some way away on Fyn, in a small town on the edge of Odense. What information they have regarding him is only that he had a cabal once, but they split up several years ago. When the cabal split, he disappeared, and has only recently resurfaced. The concillium feels this warrants investigation.

Only one cabalmate is still living in Copenhagen, and will be able to give some brief information as to who the apostate is. He is a Mastigos, he was briefly in the Mysterium, but has since been renounced. He does not volunteer the reason why the cabal split, but if pushed a bit, he will let the players know.

Back then, their cabal had been two males, one female. All three were Mysterium, and the other two were Moros and Obrimos. The apostate fell in love with his cabalmate, but she did not return his feelings. This led him to believe that the other two were involved, a false accusation, and felt that the quiet, grounded Moros must’ve used trickery to gain the attention of the Obrimos. Following this, something happened between the apostate and the Obrimos, which led to an uproar, unfortunately the remaining member does not know what happened specifically. The leaders might know more.

The Mysterium leaders are even more reluctant to let go of the information, as it’s Mysterium affairs. If suitably convinced, they will reveal that he had found an artifact of dubious origins and used it to try and force the Obrimos to love him. When this had failed, he fled, and she ended up leaving Copenhagen, to get away from the memory.

Scene 3, Søndersø, afternoon

In Søndersø, the cabal will find the town curious. Everyone seems happy and content, yet mage sights will pick up spell resonance on everyone.

The spell is something like a mage spell, but twisted horribly. It has a mind component, and is of fairly high potency, beyond what the players would be able to produce. The specifics of it is that they feel a deep obsession reminiscient of love that will grow as they are allowed to stick around. Additionally, they will turn aggressive against anyone who does not return the fake affection.

Once they ask around, they find out that the town recently had someone new move in, who “throws the best parties”. The players, having arrived at around dinner time, find that residents are slowly but surely moving towards something. If they follow the stream, they will find a park, wherein is indeed being thrown a wild party.

Scene 4, partytime

As they enter, they’re given drinks that resemble a cosmopolitan, with a sugar heart hanging on the edge of the glass. The drinks have the resonance of the spell on them, and drinking it will cause the player to be affected by the spell.

The players should have found out about the residents getting angry if they don’t return the affection. During the party, they will occasionally be harassed. At least two players can team up, and they will find that they don’t actually need to pay attention much to whoever they use as a “beard”, as long as they remain reasonably affectionate.

Asking around will lead them to the newest resident, who predictably is the apostate mage. Catching on fast, he asks the players if they’ve tried the refreshments. If the players act hostile, he reminds them that he has a whole town full of fans. The players can try and get some information out of him. The best way to do this would be to push his buttons regarding his old cabal, his pride, etc. Each of the points below should require further pressure.

  • It turns out the artifact he was using was “Cupid’s Bow”.
  • After he escaped, he used some time tracking the resonance of whoever created it.
  • Turns out its dubiousness was well earned, as it was an abyssal artifact.
  • The apostate believed himself to be able to harness the powers used, without falling prey to the abyssal forces involved.

If they get sidetracked, he will get annoyed, if they get all the information, he will indicate his apparent mastery by directing the players’ attention to the residents behind him.

Following that, he will yell that the players plan to hurt him, and the residents as one turn, party mood turning to anger in an instant. As the players try to get out of there, the apostate disappears in the crowd.

The crowd will be angry but not directly hostile. Attacking them will cause anyone not close to the apostate to be frightened and moving away, and any other tactics to escape a crowd will work equally well. The residents do not count as sleepers while under the influence of the spell.

Scene 5, tracking

Whether this happens during the night, or if the players find somewhere to stay, is not terribly important.

The players should be looking for the guy. Simply asking people on the street will suffice, although more tricky ways are possible, of course.

On the way, they’re confronted with a sobbing female running out of a building. If they approach her, they will notice her being covered in blood and holding a bloody kitchen knife. If they stop her or ask what happened, she’ll convey a story of how her new boyfriend was talking to another girl at the party, and now he was talking to her on the phone. She wasn’t about to let that bitch take her “huggybear”. If the players take his side, she’ll start yelling at them and waving the knife about. If they side with her, she’ll be thankful, and then start saying stuff along the lines of “Oh, god, what have I done?!”, standard remorse stuff. Before they can do much, she plunges the knife into her own stomach, pulling it upwards as she falls down. This serves to illustrate the point that while the idea of giving people love might be fine, it ain’t exactly good love.

Scene 6, confrontation

However they find out, they’re eventually led to a typical village house, white picket fence and everything. Inside, there’s a faint, but undeniable sickly-sweet smell of decay. If the players investigate this first, they find the owners of the house in their bed, embracing each other, dead for several days.

If they linger here, a voice will come from the entrance to the room, with the target explaining that he tried his mixture on them first, offering to cook them dinner as payment for him staying there. They accepted, their love turning to obsession, and pretty soon they didn’t feel the need for food or water, as they had each other. Slowly wasting away, they died of thirst after a few days. But at least they died with the one they loved, right?

If the players agree with him, he will brighten up, showing what he’s been doing. The players can simply say “awesome job”, get a description of how he made his potion, and leave. This will cost them dearly when they return to the concillium, the Mysterium requesting any documents or other items they were given, and the Guardians moving out to silence the problem.

If confronted with just how horrible this is, he will start ranting about how everyone faults him for doing good, and how everyone is narrowminded and shortsighted.

Should they push the issue, he’ll engage them in combat. He is not much for fighting, but does have some abilities to contend with.

  • Int 4, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Strength 1, Dex 3, Sta 2, Pre 3, Mani 2, Comp 2
  • Gnosis 2, Mind 3, Space 2, Spirit 2
  • Defense 3, Initiative 4, Speed 9
  • Health 7, Mana 6
  • Mental Shield, -3 to spells to control, detect or influence
  • Misperception, 3 armor
  • Psychic Assault, 7 – target Resolve
  • Lesser Spirit Summons, with a bad resonance, won’t work
  • Gun, 2L, 5 dice



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